The Concept

Baobah was created in order to gather small groups of people together so they could create art freely and without expectations.  We create art here at Baobah collectively and in an interdisciplinary manner with an emphasis on the creative process itself.  We do all of this without any predetermined expectations as we believe this fosters a pleasurable environment; an environment that emphasizes self-awareness and self-creation.
New clinics are offered each semester that embody broad artistic themes in the development of art. These themes combine different techniques such as photography and drama, cinema and edible art, dance and design, and visual art and music.  Combining such themes allows for the creation of a whole new realm of unpredictable possibilities.

The idea here at Baobah is to work with simple materials and use that which is available in our surroundings.  We offer high-end facilities that range from acoustically treated rooms, professional stage lighting, and a block-sized lawn for outdoor activities.  Our mission is to break standards, awaken the senses, and find new interpretations for not only respecting but also leveraging individual differences among groups so we can measure them collectively.  Furthermore, various aspects of fundamental emotional and social intelligence are emphasized such as the development of empathy, solidarity, self-esteem, personal flexibility, memory, intuition, and conflict resolution skills among others.  We try to emphasize seeing beyond what we see and perceive at Baoah because we believe that this enables us to realize new ways of observing our surroundings.

Our programs consist of groups that are coordinated by two artists simultaneously and never have more than 10 participants.  The artists here come from the fields of dance, drama, cinema, music, photography, visual art, design, and edible art.  The groups meet for four hours weekly in the morning or in afternoon and each session includes a break for a snack.  We offer programs to any individual aged seven or older without any additional restrictions.