Our understanding is that art is one of the richest forms of human expression.  The act itself of creating art, especially within a group setting using grounded methodology, is much more than a form of expression, it allows us to develop countless human skills including self-awareness and “new intelligences” (such as emotional, social, and spiritual).  These humans skills are not only becoming increasingly necessary and demanded in western societies, but they allow us to see a different perspective of the neurological, psychological, and social “limitations “or “problems“ that each of us face which are known to be present in such contexts.  It is important to keep in mind that when we create artistically, we face so many issues and by positioning ourselves in this way, we are, in each moment, developing ourselves.  Therefore, the idea of “self-creation” is that we, ourselves, are the most important art form that we know of.
The methodology of “self-creation” is based on neurological, psychological, and social behavior.  Using this methodology, we´re able to apply practical and engaging experiential processes related to:

  • Cognition (learning / culture)
  • Motion (physical, emotional, and psychological)
  • Imagination (power of representation)
  • Interaction (quality of relationships with others)


The future belongs to a very different kind of person which mind is very diverse – creators and empathetic people, pattern finders and sense makers. These people – artists, inventors, designers, storytellers, professionals, social and spiritual workers, care givers and systemic thinkers – will harvest the highest rewards and will share with society the happiness that stems from it. (…) That is why to be high tech is not enough. We will have to complement our well developed high tech skills with what I call high concept and high touch ones. (…) high concept is the ability to create beauty and emotion, to see patterns and opportunities, to conceive interesting narratives and reconcile apparently disconnected ideas to create something new. High touch is the ability to empathize and understand the subtleties of human interaction, to find inner happiness and foster it in others, and to see beyond the surface in search for purpose and meaning.” (Pink, 2008, p.1, 48).

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”.
Bernard Shaw (1856 -1950)

We don´t work under the concept of inclusion, of patients who have problems or dysfunctions, because we understand that each individual has their own characteristics which are different among us and these are neither virtues nor flaws just as they are neither health nor sickness. They are simply characteristics.  In fact, through our individual differences, we are able to find the creative and constructive drive to deal with the demands and challenges of life as well as acknowledge the self and the other within diversity.  Using this approach, no one is excluded since there is nothing to be included or excluded.